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Sam's Garden Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. was build 20 years ago. Now it has become a popular & famous brand in China and other countries.

Twenty years ago, China was still poor and fell behind. Candy and snack were luxury goods and short in market. Kids just taste a little in New Year and in festivals.

Sam and his brothers had a dream. They planed to own a food factory producing candy and snack for all kids in China. It would be like paradise of fairy tales, kids could taste candy and their lovely food. Then they endeavored to put their dream into practice. They built up their food business and called it "Sam's Garden".  It was a snack garden, a candy garden, kids only paid a little then they could have what they wanted.  Now, Sam and his brothers dream have come true.  The products of "Sam's Garden" have been selling everywhere in China, and some of the products are selling well in many regions.

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